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Anti-corrosion of fasteners

Release time:2018-11-12 15:37:54

Fasteners are the most common parts in mechanical equipment, and their function is also very important, but corrosion is the most common type of damage during the use of fasteners, in order to prevent fasteners from occurring during use. Corrosion phenomenon, many manufacturers will surface treatment after the production of fasteners, which surface treatment can improve the corrosion prevention of fasteners? There are four surface treatment methods to prevent corrosion of fasteners, We can choose the most appropriate method according to the specific needs:
Fastener products include: internal locking wire rivets, external locking wire rivets, hippocampus rivets, double drum rivets, single drum rivets, lantern rivets, open rivets, rivet rivets, grooved rivets, closed rivets, rivet nuts , pneumatic rivet guns and related fasteners.
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